Introducing the alto™ microplate reader

Cerillo's next-generation microplate reader accommodates endpoint and kinetic optical density measurements with unparalleled flexibility. Ideal for ELISA and high-throughput microbial growth curve applications.

this powerful optical system provides flexible calibration modes, accommodating a wide array of experiments including ELISA and microbial growth curves with diverse starting points.

Alto seamlessly transitions between endpoint measurements, offering snapshots of reaction states and kinetic growth curve measurements, facilitating dynamic experiment tracking over time. With flexible calibration modes, alto is an ideal plate reader for a wide range of experimental conditions and enables high throughput experimentation.

Whether you work for an academic institution, a fast-paced biotechnology organization, or a large pharmaceutical company, the alto research platform can help you make your first or your next breakthrough discovery.


offers flexible measurement modes for a wide-range of experiments


perfect size for measurement collection in small spaces like shared modular benchtops, incubators and anaerobic chambers


uniquely simple, standalone interface and on-board data storage allow it to be placed anywhere, with or without a computer


can operate in restrictive environments that are typically too harsh for other microplate readers


Labrador companion software allows you to retrieve, analyze and communicate results with ease

flexible calibration and experimental modes

intuitive, easy to use interface

zero to experiment in 10 minutes!

quickly and accurately analyze your data and generate meaningful results

Livestream your experiments

When alto is paired with our canopy wireless accessory, we can provide convenient and real-time data acquisition, monitoring and control.

Cerillo's Premium Wireless Platform in Action

alto plate reader

continuously monitor measurements from small spaces and restrictive environments

canopy wireless device

Breakdown barriers with wireless plate reader monitoring

labrador software

Unlock the power of your data with real-time visualization, controls & analytics



Detection Method: For measurements of optical density

Detection Modes: Kinetic, End Point

Microplate Types: 6, 12, and 96-well plates, as well as the Cerillo Co-Culture Duet plate

Wavelength: 450nm, 600nm



Width: 15.0cm
Depth: 13.3cm
Height: 7.2cm



  • Small footprint and stackable
  • No moving parts; minimal maintenance
  • Functional in a broad range of environments

Ambient Atmospheric Tolerance

Temperature: 0°–50°C
Humidity: 0–95%
O2 concentration: 0-21%
CO2 concentration: 0-25%



Single Wavelength: 600nm, 450nm

Light Source

Monochromatic LEDs



Detection Range

0.000 – 2.500OD


< ±1% (0.000 – 2.000OD)


< ±1% and ±0.02 OD (0.000 – 2.000 OD)


< ±0.25% and ±0.005OD (0.000 – 2.000 OD)

Data Storage

microSD up to 32GB (16GB card provided)

labrador software

Operating system macOS: Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura

Windows: 10, 11

Measurement mode: Kinetic, Endpoint

Evaluation methods Quantitative, Qualitative

Regression methods Point-to-Point, Linear, Four Parameter

Logistic (4PL), Five Parameter Logistic (5PL)

Export formats PDF, CSV

wireless premium


113.2 X 66.1 X 47.8mm (LWH)



power supply

power = 3A, voltage = 5.1V


USB-C USB-C 5.1 V DC, 3A

wired communication

USB 2.0

wireless communication range


operating system

macOS: Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura
Windows: 10, 11

data export format


how to buy

You can purchase alto standard and/or the premium wireless directly from cerillo below.

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Or you can purchase alto standard from any of our partners.

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standard alto platform



1 kinetic endpoint microplate reader
subscription to labrador standard software


modern, responsive user interface
export device readings
microplate data visualization
most recent results in tabs for easy access
custom configure device settings

premium wireless platform



1 kinetic endpoint microplate reader
1 year subscription for labrador premium software
connect up to 5 users & 5 microplate readers
support for canopy wireless accessory


real-time data visualization
canopy wireless data transmission Control of Cerillo’s microplate reader
support for canopy wireless accessory
real-time monitoring of readings within 15 meters of Cerillo device

customized platform

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