Real-Time, Multi-Dimensional Insights into the Microbiome

Cerillo's Research Platform offers a comprehensive system for data collection and analytics, enabling researchers to study the growth curve of microorganisms. Our compact and versatile microplate readers allow for a wide range of experiments in small spaces like shared modular benchtops, incubators, and anaerobic chambers. With our Labrador companion software, your microbiome data is synchronized and analyzed, providing in-depth insights. And now with new wireless capabilities, we ensure seamless transmission of results, allowing real-time visualization and remote experiment adjustments.

We Grant Researchers Unprecedented Freedom In Their Work

Freedom to monitor and adjust your experiments in real-time, allowing you to avoid stops-and-starts of manual manipulation.


Freedom to expand the scale of your experiments by connecting multiple plate readers to our analytics platform.

Freedom to roam & access your data without physical contact with your plate reader and manual memory cards


Freedom to analyze your findings your way with intuitive software that offers multiple ways to view and share your data.

the cerillo research platform

Stratus Plate Reader

continuously monitor measurements from small spaces and restrictive environments.

Canopy Wireless Device

Breakdown barriers with wireless plate reader monitoring

Labrador Software

Unlock the power of your data with real-time visualization, controls & analytics

We Enable Standardized Data Collection to Help You Build Confidence in Your Research Findings

The Benefits

Ensure consistency enabling you to confidently compare results. Make valid comparisons between results obtained at different locations at different times.

Reduce errors and variability in your data to increase accuracy and precision so you can make meaningful interpretations.

Enhance reproducibility to make it easier for you to reproduce studies to ensure the credibility of your results and increase confidence in your findings.

Facilitate meta-analysis to draw more powerful conclusions and identify patterns or trends that may not be apparent from individual studies alone.

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