cerillo microplate shaker

The cerillo microplate shaker provides reliable, regulated shaking for two microplates or one stratus plate reader. With a speed range of 150 to 1200 rpm with microplates and 150-500 rpm with the stratus, the CMS1000 can be adjusted to suit your aeration or application needs. The shaking adapter must be used to attach the stratus to the shaker.


  • smooth, regulated shaking for the stratus and samples
  • compact instrument with low profile and small footprint
  • practical applications include immunoassays and coloration tests
  • reliable continuous operation
  • smooth platform motion at lower speed
  • non-stop mode for up to 7 days and over 2 years of trouble-free operation guaranteed
  • smooth regulation and stabilization of rotation speed
  • even shaking amplitude throughout shaker platform
  • setting and indication of the necessary working time
  • automatic stop of platform movement after the set time expires

The shaker is perfectly paired with the stratus for applications like bacterial growth curves

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Cerillo Microplate Shaker with Plates

Product Description

The cerillo microplate shaker is perfectly paired with the stratus, providing smooth, regulated shaking of samples. With a small footprint, this compact instrument with easily fit on your laboratory benchtop – or wherever you prefer to work on your research.

The shaker comes with a 2-year warranty and can run on non-stop mode for up to 7 days. Set the device to stop when you need it to with the set time feature.

This device is in limited supply, so take advantage while it’s still available and get your quote today!

stable speed control range, accurate within ±10%

150 – 1200 rpm with 2 microplates, 150 – 500 rpm with stratus


2 mm

digital time setting

1 min – 24 hr / non-stop

maximum continuous operation time

168 hrs

maximum load

0.3 kg at 1200 rpm, 0.82 kg at 500 rpm


220 x 205 x 90 mm

input voltage and current

12 V, 280 mA

power consumption


external power supply

input 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, output 12 V

weight, accurate within ± 10%

2.0 kg