Microplate Readers

Go-Anywhere, Measure Everywhere Optical Density Plate Readers

Cerillo's microplate readers are portable, robust, and capable of conducting a wide range of assays such as ELISAs, microbial growth curve measurements, and protein quantification. Enabling early-stage discoveries to high-throughput screening, these versatile devices are the perfect fit for academic institutions, biotechnology organizations, and pharmaceutical companies .

Cerillo's Advanced Microplate Readers


Kinetic and Endpoint Microplate Reader


Kinetic Microplate Reader

Our Microplate Readers Deliver Big Benefits at the Bench

Flexible:  Accommodates various plate formats, including 96-well plates, 12-well plates, and 6-well plates, as well as Cerillo’s Co-Culture Plate for mixed culture studies.

Portable: Uniquely simple, standalone interface enables research in restricted environments like modular benchtops, anaerobic chambers, and incubators. Operates independently without needing a connection to your computer.

Intuitive Analytic Software: Our Labrador Software boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies experiment setup and data retrieval enabling researchers to quickly and accurately analyze and communicate results with presentation ready graphics.

Wireless Monitoring: When paired with our SaaS wireless upgrade, researchers can monitor experiments and control their plate readers remotely.

"These compact plate readers, aside from being very cute, allow us to perform high throughput growth experiments in an anaerobic chamber. This avoids the hassle of collecting subsamples for OD readings and transporting them out of the chamber to be read in a standard plate reader. Being able to efficiently cultivate and monitor the growth of anaerobic isolates in parallel is a real boon for high throughput microbiology and opens avenues for new insights into things like gut microbiome dynamics, biogeochemical cycling of toxins like arsenic and mercury in anoxic ecosystems, syntrophic interactions of anaerobic microbes and much more."

- Oona Snoeyenbos-West, Ph.D., Research Scientist, University of Arizona, Carini Lab


Oona Snoeyenbos-West, Ph.D. & Undergraduate Researcher, Makaela Valencia. Photo: Erik Ostrop

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