Redefining Field Research With Cerillo’s Portable, Wireless Lab

Empowering Environmental Exploration: Cerillo’s Alto Microplate Reader With Wireless Connectivity Redefines Field Research

Environmental research, spanning fields such as soil science, water quality monitoring, and ecological studies, plays a critical role in understanding and safeguarding our planet’s health. However, conducting such studies in the field has historically been challenging due to limited access to sophisticated equipment and internet connectivity. Cerillo’s innovative Alto Microplate Readers, paired with the Canopy Wireless Connectivity solution, may revolutionize field microbial research by providing portable, high-performance technology with offline data transmission capabilities.

Observing Microbial Dynamics with Alto Microplate Readers:

At the heart of Cerillo’s field research capabilities are the Alto Microplate Readers. These compact yet powerful devices can support  6, 12, and 96-well plates, as well as the Cerillo Co-Culture Duet plate for interaction studies. Our Co-culture duet system plates, allows researchers to explore complex microbial interactions directly in the field. With the ability to conduct kinetic and endpoint measurements, Alto provides researchers with comprehensive insights into microbial dynamics, facilitating real-time observation and analysis of microbial populations in diverse environmental settings. Alto microplate readers are 10x smaller than traditional plate readers and can fit in the palm of your hand for easy transit. For those who need to conduct experiments inside the lab, these robust readers are small and robust enough to withstand harsh environments like anaerobic chambers and incubators.

Premium Data Analysis with Labrador Software:

Accompanying Cerillo’s Alto Microplate Readers is the Labrador software – a premium companion for data analysis and visualization. Labrador’s intuitive interface empowers researchers to interpret complex datasets with ease, facilitating insightful discoveries and informed decision-making. By seamlessly integrating with the Alto Microplate Readers, Labrador ensures that researchers can derive meaningful insights from field experiments, regardless of their location or internet connectivity.

Wireless Connectivity with Canopy:

Cerillo’s Canopy Wireless Connectivity solution serves as a bridge between field experiments and data analysis. This innovative device enables wireless transmission of data from the Alto Microplate Readers to the Labrador software, eliminating the need for internet connectivity in remote locations. With Canopy, researchers can monitor experiments in real-time, troubleshoot issues, and analyze data on the go, all without being tethered to a laboratory environment.

Powering Field Research with Battery Packs:

While the Alto Microplate Readers provide portability, they require a power source to operate in the field. Cerillo addresses this challenge by offering battery packs as a convenient power solution. These battery packs ensure that researchers can conduct experiments in remote locations without access to traditional power outlets, further enhancing the versatility and accessibility of Cerillo’s field research capabilities.

Empowering Field Microbial Research:

Cerillo’s Alto Microplate Readers, paired with Labrador software and Canopy Wireless Connectivity, empower researchers to push the boundaries of field microbial research. By providing portable, high-performance technology with offline data transmission capabilities, Cerillo enables researchers to unravel the complexities of microbial interactions in diverse environmental contexts. With Cerillo, field researchers can embark on expeditions with confidence, knowing that they have the tools and technology to uncover new insights into microbial dynamics wherever their research takes them.


In the pursuit of understanding microbial ecosystems, field research plays a crucial role. Cerillo’s Alto Microplate Readers, Labrador software, Canopy Wireless Connectivity, and battery packs collectively represent a paradigm shift in field microbial research, offering researchers unprecedented flexibility, portability, and data analysis capabilities. With Cerillo’s innovative solutions, researchers can embark on field expeditions with confidence, knowing that they have the tools and technology to unlock the secrets of microbial interactions in even the most remote and challenging environments.

Cerillo: Empowering Environmental Stewardship

At Cerillo, we’re committed to harnessing the power of microbiome research to drive positive environmental change. Our state-of-the-art technology provides researchers with the tools they need to unlock the secrets of microbial ecosystems and develop innovative solutions for environmental conservation.

  • Advanced Software Solutions: Cerillo’s sophisticated software platforms, such as the Labrador Software, offer intuitive analysis and visualization tools, empowering researchers to derive actionable insights from complex microbial datasets.
  • Cutting-edge Microplate Readers: The Alto Microplate Reader, designed by Cerillo, delivers precise endpoint and kinetic measurements, enabling researchers to study microbial growth dynamics with unparalleled accuracy.