Mastering Variability: How Cerillo’s Co-Culture Platform Is Accelerating Advances in Microbiome Research

Microbiome research is pivotal for human, environmental, and ecological health, yet the intricate and dynamic nature of microbial communities presents challenges due to heightened variability in experimentation (biological, process, data, environment, and tools). Despite the efficiency and affordability of sequencing, it fails to deliver a comprehensive understanding of biological systems, methods of action, and true causation. The solution lies in accessible, user-friendly laboratory tools that efficiently standardize global microbiome research at the bench. This is crucial for ensuring consistent and reliable progress in microbiome-based product development.

Cerillo’s Research Platform revolutionizes microbiome research, offering standardized data collection for enhanced reproducibility.

Say Farewell to Resource-Intensive Validation

Co-Culture studies are indispensable in microbiome research, allowing scientists to explore microbial interactions and their implications for various biological systems. Historically, the lack of off-the-shelf solutions forced researchers to invest significant time and resources in developing and validating bespoke systems. Cerillo’s Co-Culture Duet System® is a groundbreaking solution that addresses this gap. Unlike the traditional approach, our ready-to-use platform eliminates the need for scientists to spend extensive resources developing and validating custom systems. This off-the-shelf platform not only saves valuable time and resources but also ensures consistency and reliability in microbial interaction studies, heralding a new era of accessibility and ease in microbiome research.

Porous Barriers for Physical Isolation Eliminate Threats of Contamination

Cerillo’s system features Duets with porous barriers, serving as a physical isolation mechanism between microbial populations. This design prevents unwanted interactions, ensuring that each population remains distinct. By physically segregating populations, researchers can observe and measure the growth of individual microbial groups without the risk of cross-contamination. The duets’ horizontal orientation adds an extra layer of security, preventing spillage during handling.

Versatile Real-Time Phenotypic Measurements Across Microbiome Research:

Real-time phenotypic measurements are a cornerstone not only in drug discovery but also across various domains of microbiome research. Cerillo’s Co-Culture Duet System facilitates these invaluable measurements, enabling researchers to track the growth and behavior of individual microbial populations in diverse microbiome studies. This versatile capability enhances precision and immediacy in understanding microbial interactions, making the Co-Culture Duet System an asset in different realms of microbiome research beyond drug discovery.

Enhanced Compatibility Across Microbiome Research Platforms:

Cerillo’s Co-Culture Duet System boasts enhanced compatibility, seamlessly integrating with various automation systems commonly employed in microbiome research. This adaptability ensures a harmonious partnership with different platforms, offering researchers flexibility and efficiency in their diverse microbiome exploration endeavors. Whether leveraging established systems or incorporating cutting-edge technologies, the Co-Culture Duet System aligns with the broader landscape of microbiome research, promoting collaborative synergy across multiple platforms

Intuitive Labrador® Software for Streamlined Analysis:

Cerillo’s Co-Culture System can be easily paired with the company’s go anywhere microplate readers, which are ten times smaller than average microplate readers and are strong and robust enough to operate in harsh environments like anaerobic chambers. Cerillo’s microplate readers come equipped with intuitive Labrador® software, synchronizing and analyzing results with a user-friendly interface. The software delivers insights that are easily shareable among research teams, fostering collaboration and accelerating the pace of drug discovery.

Real-Time Data Visualization for Informed Decision-Making:

In the dynamic field of microbiome research, timely insights are critical for informed decision-making. Cerillo’s wireless accessory package facilitates real-time data visualization and remote monitoring, empowering researchers to make on-the-spot decisions. Scalability is achieved by connecting multiple microplate readers simultaneously, enhancing the efficiency of research processes across diverse microbiome studies.

Embracing Future Frontiers: AI-Assisted Microbiome Research:

As technology evolves, Cerillo’s Co-Culture System stands ready to explore the next frontier in microbiome research – artificial intelligence (AI). The interconnected platform, complemented by AI capabilities, promises to elevate data standardization, reproducibility, and analysis across various microbiome research domains. This innovation unlocks new possibilities for groundbreaking discoveries, extending beyond drug development to diverse scientific endeavors.

Versatile Applications Across Microbiome Research Domains:

In the broader landscape of microbiome research, Cerillo’s Co-Culture System extends its transformative influence. Its versatile applications find relevance not only in drug discovery but also in environmental studies, agricultural research, and various scientific endeavors. By offering standardized tools that address the challenges of variability, Cerillo contributes to advancements in diverse fields, fostering groundbreaking discoveries across the entire spectrum of microbiome research.


Cerillo’s Co-Culture System stands as a transformative solution for microbiome research, offering standardized data collection for enhanced reproducibility. By addressing variability, ensuring contamination-free studies, and providing precise phenotypic measurements, this platform sets new standards across various domains within microbiome research. From drug discovery, cosmetics, and food safety to environmental studies, and beyond, Cerillo’s commitment to excellence promises a future where scientific exploration is not just efficient but truly groundbreaking. As the journey into AI-assisted microbiome research begins, the Co-Culture System remains at the forefront, offering versatile applications and contributing to advancements in diverse fields.