Analytic Plate Reader Software

A Perfect Pairing of Sophisticated Software and Ultra Compact Readers

Tailored for visionary researchers, our Labrador Software boasts an intuitive interface packed with powerful features to simplify data retrieval, analysis, and communication of results. With Labrador, researchers can navigate complex datasets with ease, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in their experimental setup, analysis, and data representation.

Intuitive analysis and visualization tools: Data representation is an artform. Labrador’s data representation functionality seamlessly transforms complex datasets into easily interpretable, visual graphs for your presentations and posters.

Easy and intuitive experimental setup: Free yourself from tedious, time-consuming experimental plate setup. Labrador makes it easy to set up plates, group experimental conditions for faster analysis, and save your plate templates for quick study design. Zero to experiment in 10 minutes!

Upload and analyze data from other plate readers: Now you can add  data from other platforms for deeper analysis and collaborations across research channels.

Visualize your data in real time with Premium Wireless: Plan your next experiment the moment trends are visible. No need to wait for your experiment to complete to begin data analysis, analyze trends, and plan your next experiment. If you have multiple instruments, you can even iterate and start your next experiment while waiting for your current experiment to finish up.

Labrador Enables Researchers To Quickly And Accurately Analyze Their Data And Generate Meaningful Results.

User-friendly interface: Intuitive interface enables users to quickly configure and execute experiments, as well as view and analyze data.

Plate layout editor:
Effortlessly label and categorize samples on the experimental plate while also preserving customized experimental layouts

Visualization tools:
Visualize and analyze experimental data and export presentation ready graphs.

Exporting data:
Easily export data in various formats, such as Excel, SVG, CSV, or PDF.

Livestream & Scale Your Experiments With Our Canopy Wireless Package

Experience a revolutionary blend of wireless capabilities and powerful software analytics, all included in a single, comprehensive SaaS package. Our wireless accessory package enables real-time data visualization and monitoring and provides you with wireless control of your Stratus or Alto microplate readers saving you valuable hands-on time. You can also scale your experiments by connecting up to five microplate readers at once!

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