Accelerating Microbiome Discovery at the Benchtop

Providing Essential Tools for “Aha!” Discoveries

Cerillo’s integrated research platform provides a holistic approach to researching the microbiome and sets out to solve challenges facing microbiologists worldwide. Our mission is to continually develop cutting-edge solutions that enable in-depth exploration and analysis of the microbiome and to support researchers who are making significant strides in fields spanning from human and animal health to environmental conservation.

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Co-Culture Simplified in a Single Plate

A revolutionary leap forward for co-culture experimentation

Cerillo’s Co-Culture Duet System® is the first off-the-shelf platform for conducting microbial interaction studies. The systems’ novel design features Duets with porous barriers to physically isolate populations while maintaining fluidic contact, enabling researchers to observe and study individual microbial populations and measure the growth of one microbial population alongside other populations.

  • modular and configurable
  • measurable in standard plate readers
  • compatible with other automation systems



See What You've Been Missing in Your Growth Curve Experiments

Experience a revolutionary blend of wireless capabilities and powerful software analytics all included in a single comprehensive SaaS package. No internet connection required!

real-time data visualization and monitoring

wireless control of your Stratus or Alto microplate readers

scale your experiments by connecting up to five microplate readers at once

Discover Why Researchers Love Our Go-Anywhere Microplate Readers

Experience the freedom to take your research anywhere with Cerillo's microplate readers. Our compact, robust microplate readers fit perfectly on small benchtops and operate proficiently in challenging environments like anaerobic chambers.

  • 10X smaller than other microplate readers
  • Stackable
  • Scalable

Create Your Own Research Hub with Cerillo's Customizable Platform

Cerillo's Research Platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to tackle the challenges of microbiome research head-on. Our wireless accessory package enables real-time data visualization and remote monitoring and controls. Scalability is achieved by connecting multiple microplate readers simultaneously. Adding to the platform's versatility is our intuitive Labrador® software that synchronizes and analyzes results with a user-friendly interface, delivering insights that are easily shareable. This interconnected platform introduces unprecedented efficiencies, elevating data standardization, reproducibility, and analysis of research findings.