Elevate Food Safety Testing with Cerillo's Co-Culture Platform

Enhance food safety and protect consumers with our advanced microbiological testing solutions. Join us in safeguarding the industry's reputation and ensuring the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Welcome to the Future of Food Safety Testing

Introducing Cerillo's Co-Culture Platform: Revolutionizing Efficiency, Accuracy, and Compliance

Cerillo’s Co-Culture Platform tackles industry challenges head-on, redefining food safety testing with innovative solutions. Our advanced microplate reader introduces co-culture capabilities, allowing simultaneous testing of multiple samples. Direct sampling features provide comprehensive insights into microbial populations, enhancing accuracy and reliability.


Cerillo's Co-Culture Platform: Elevating Food Safety Research with Precision and Ease

Cerillo’s microplate reader and co-culture system has solidified its place as a game-changer in the field of food safety testing.


How does the Co-Culture Platform handle different types of microbial species in the same microplate?

The Co-Culture Microplate Reader is equipped with a vertical membrane that physically segregates the microbial populations, preventing direct contact while allowing for molecular interactions. This enables researchers like you to study multiple microbial strains within the same microplate, facilitating co-culture experiments and providing valuable insights into microbial interactions.

Can the Co-Culture Microplate Reader handle different nutrient requirements for diverse microbial species?

Yes, the Co-Culture Microplate Reader accommodates diverse nutrient requirements for various microbial species. The system allows for the diffusion of essential nutrients across the membrane, providing nourishment to the microorganisms at different gradients and densities.

How does the direct sampling feature work, and what benefits does it offer in food safety research?

The direct sampling feature of the Co-Culture Microplate Reader enables researchers to sample individual cultures during and after experiments with ease. This capability offers comprehensive insights into microbial populations, allowing you to analyze each strain separately and understand their growth dynamics, competition, and responses to experimental conditions.

Is the Co-Culture Microplate Reader user-friendly and compatible with existing laboratory protocols?

Yes, the Co-Culture Microplate Reader is designed with user-friendliness in mind and seamlessly integrates with existing laboratory workflows. The reader is compatible with various plate readers and standard laboratory equipment, making it convenient for you to incorporate into your food safety research protocols without major adjustments.

What level of technical support and training is provided for using the Co-Culture Microplate Reader effectively?

At Cerillo, we prioritize providing excellent customer support and training for our products. When you choose the Co-Culture Microplate Reader, you can expect comprehensive technical assistance, including user manuals, video tutorials, and personalized training sessions to ensure you can maximize the reader’s capabilities and make the most out of your food safety research endeavors.