Accelerate Drug Discovery

Identify your most promising drug candidates with greater confidence

In preclinical studies, Cerillo’s research platform plays a crucial role in early-stage research and development, providing valuable tools for screening potential drug candidates, studying biological processes, and optimizing experimental conditions. Our platform enables researchers to conduct a wide range of studies, from growth curve analysis, enzyme assays and protein quantification all within a single, integrated platform.

Accelerate discovery and improve decision-making in your pre-clinical drug development

The ongoing pressure on pharmaceutical organizations to accelerate drug discovery necessitates the development of innovative solutions that reduce costs and risks. Cerillo’s versatile, integrated research platform enables cost-effective, small-scale studies that streamline research, accelerate drug discovery, and improve the decision-making processes before scale-up begins.

Precision Solutions for Pharmaceutical Applications

Drug Screening Analysis

Ensure accuracy and reliability in drug discovery research with advanced analytics. Analyze results from high-throughput screening (HTS) assays for detailed insights into compound activity, dose-response relationships, and potential drug candidates.

Safety Evaluation and Pharmacological Profiling

Ensure safety before clinical trials by assessing potential drug candidates’ toxicity using cell-based assays. Optimize lead compounds by evaluating their activity, dose-response relationships, and pharmacological properties.

Biomolecular Analysis

Our platform streamlines biomolecular interaction studies crucial for pharmaceutical research. Effortlessly analyze protein-protein and ligand-receptor interactions with high precision, exploring molecular dynamics and identifying drug targets.

Specialized Research

Effortlessly tailor assays to specific research needs with custom assay development. Conduct a wide range of microbial studies, from growth curve analysis to co-culture interaction studies, within our integrated platform.

Our Compact, Modular Research Platform Delivers Big Benefits at the Bench

Go-Anywhere, Measure Everywhere Microplate Readers

Our absorbance microplate readers are 10x smaller than traditional plate readers enabling research on small modular benchtops and in restrictive environments like anaerobic chambers and incubators.

Intuitive Analytic Software for Growth Curve and Endpoint Measurements

Cerillo’s wireless SaaS package empowers researchers to monitor growth curves in real-time, offering instant insights and remote control of your experiments. Easily scalable for high-throughput.

Simplify Co-Culture in a Single Plate – No More Custom-Built Complexities

Our multiplexed plate enables the observation, study, and growth measurement of individual microbial populations alongside others. Standardized and ready for research right out-of-the box.


How does Cerillo's platform support drug discovery and development?

Cerillo’s platform provides detailed insights into molecular interactions, binding affinities, and kinetics, supporting the identification of drug targets and the development of effective therapeutics. Our tools streamline the entire drug discovery process, from initial screening to lead optimization.

Can your platform handle high-throughput screening?

Yes, our platform is designed for high-throughput screening, allowing researchers to efficiently analyze large numbers of samples and accelerate the discovery process.

How does the platform enhance upstream and downstream bioprocessing?

Our platform enhances upstream bioprocessing by facilitating efficient screening and selection of promising strains. Through advanced analysis tools and data visualization, researchers can quickly identify strains with desirable characteristics for further development.

In downstream bioprocessing, our platform offers precise absorbance measurements, enabling accurate monitoring of product yields and purity throughout purification processes. This ensures high-quality final products and streamlines the workflow from strain selection to product purification, optimizing the entire bioprocessing pipeline.

What types of microbial studies can be conducted with your platform?

Our integrated platform supports a wide range of microbial studies, including growth curve analysis, co-culture interaction studies, and various custom assays tailored to specific research needs.

What are the cost and operational benefits of using Cerillo’s platform?

Our compact and portable platform minimizes downtime and operational costs while providing high-quality, reproducible results. It is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, making it a cost-effective solution for advanced research.

"Cerillo’s compact microplate readers revolutionize microbial research by effortlessly fitting into the most challenging environments, including anaerobic chambers, thanks to their small durable design. Vedanta’s research team is delighted with their versatility and portability."

Greg Medlock
Director of Research, Vedanta Biosciences
Cambridge, MA

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