Co-Culture Plate

Embrace The Future Of Co-Culture With Cerillo's Co-Culture Research Platform

Cerillo's Co-Culture System provides a simplified solution to observe diverse microbial populations simultaneously. Bid farewell to the complexities of custom-built solutions; now you can obtain real-time phenotypic measurements and conduct microbial and cellular interaction studies, all within a single co-culture plate.

A Standardized Co-Culture Plate to Ensure Reproducible Results: Microbiome studies often suffer from a lack of standardized methods and tools, leading to variability in experimental outcomes. Cerillo’s platform provides a standardized solution, ensuring consistency and reliability in research.

Cerillo’s Co-Culture Platform provides a simplified solution to observe diverse microbial populations simultaneously: Our Co-Culture plate contains duets with porous barriers, allowing researchers to physically isolate populations while maintaining fluidic contact. This enables the observation, study, and growth measurement of individual microbial populations alongside others.

Wireless Monitoring: When paired with our miniaturized microplate readers, wireless monitoring and intuitive software, our platform ensures real-time monitoring and remote adjustments. From compact spaces to advanced analytics, Cerillo accelerates progress in microbiome-based product development with accessible, efficient, and precise tools.


Observe and study individual microbial populations in real-time

Measure the growth of one microbial population alongside other populations

Porous barrier physically isolates populations while maintaining fluidic contact

Multiplexed plate accommodates 18 duets

Physically accessible wells enable population sampling during or after experiment

Compatible with other automation systems


Easily run comprehensive microbial interaction studies

Save valuable time and resources with this ready-to-use, off-the-shelf solution

Scale experiments more easily with automation compatibility

Improved collaboration through standardized co-culture set-up an analysis platform

Supports microbial, phage and mammalian cell cultures


Modular & configurable

Semipermeable membrane divider

Measurable in standard plate readers

18 duets per plate

0.2 µm size exclusion filter

800 µL volume per well

Duets are removable, and sold in bulk

Meet the Researchers Saying Farewell to Resource-Intensive Validation And Embracing Efficiency in their Co-Culture Experiments


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