Co-culture duet system

Cerillo’s ready-to-use Co-Culture System is designed for real-time phenotypic measurements. Now you can collect data from your individual microbial populations without the need to custom build a solution!

Advancing Microbiome Research with Cerillo's Co-Culture System

Co-culture systems are essential for studying microbial interactions in the microbiome. However, until now, there have been limited off-the-shelf co-culture options available, resulting in researchers investing significant amounts of time and money to develop and validate their own custom co-culture systems before they can begin their research. That's why Cerillo has launched the first scalable, user-friendly, and cost-effective co-culture system to address these challenges bringing researchers more capabilities than ever before.

Our Co-Culture System Empowers Researchers to:

Mimic natural conditions

Microorganisms in the environment often exist in complex communities, where they interact with each other. Our co-culture systems allow researchers to mimic these natural conditions and study the interactions between microorganisms.

Improve understanding of microbial interactions

Cerillo’s co-culture systems can provide insight into how microorganisms interact with each other. For example, one microorganism may produce a compound that benefits another microorganism, or one microorganism may inhibit the growth of another. These interactions can be difficult to study in isolation.

Identify novel compounds

Our system can also be used to identify novel compounds that are produced by microorganisms. For example, one microorganism may produce a compound that is only active in the presence of another microorganism.

Develop new therapies

And, our system can be used to screen for potential therapeutic agents. For example, researchers can test the ability of a compound to inhibit the growth of a pathogenic microorganism in the presence of a beneficial microorganism.

Our Off-The Shelf Solution Also Optimizes Microbiome Research Efficiencies

Improved Accessibility

Cerillo's Co-Culture system provides researchers with unprecedented access:

to co-culture capabilities without having to design and validate a complicated be-spoke system

to individual populations, enabling researchers to measure them directly and separately.

to directly sample individual cultures during or after the experiment, without the need for complex and expensive equipment or procedures.

Standardization & Scalability

Cerillo's Co-Culture System provides researchers with a standardized method for easier experiment replication and comparison across labs and collaborators.

And our Co-Culture System is:

Compatible with other automation systems giving you the freedom and flexibility to run additional assays on different platforms.

Effective for quick proofs-of-concept, but also preconfigured for higher-throughput work, making it suitable for a wide range of experiment types.

Scalable, enabling high-throughput experiments for faster results and comprehensive data analysis.

Real-time Monitoring of Your Interactive Microbiome Studies


observe and study individual microbial populations in real-time

measure the growth of one microbial population alongside other populations

porous barrier physically isolates populations while maintaining fluidic contact

multiplexed plate accommodates 18 duets

physically accessible wells enable population sampling during or after experiment

compatible with other automation systems


easily run comprehensive microbial interaction studies

save valuable time and resources with this ready-to-use, off-the-shelf solution

scale experiments more easily with automation compatibility

Improved collaboration through standardized co-culture set-up an analysis platform


  • modular & configurable

  • semipermeable membrane divider

  • measurable in standard plate readers

  • 18 duets per plate

  • 0.2 µm size exclusion filter

  • 800 µL volume per well

  • duets are removable, and sold in bulk.

Cerillo’s semipermeable membrane

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