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Are you a visionary trailblazer in the fascinating world of microbiome research? Do you possess an unwavering passion for deciphering the mysteries of microbial communities and their interactions? If so, it's time to showcase your innovative prowess and show us why you're a true Co-Culture Champion!

Announcing first winners

September 15, 2023

About the Contest (August 7th - September 8th)

We invite researchers and scientists to participate in our Co-Culture Champion Contest, where you have the chance to demonstrate how you would leverage cerillo's groundbreaking, off-the-shelf, co-culture and real-time visualization platform for your current or upcoming microbiome research projects. Share with us how you can harness the power of the co-culture duet system and seize the opportunity to win our new co-culture platform. Registration begins August 7th and closes September 8th.

Our Platform

Unraveling microbial interactions and behaviors has always been a challenging endeavor. Conventional research methods often involve laborious techniques, limited sample sizes, and lack of scalability, leaving researchers yearning for real-time insights – until now!

Introducing the Co-Culture Duet System

Our innovative platform offers an off-the-shelf solution for studying microbial populations' growth and interactions in real-time. With the co-culture duet system, you can effortlessly measure the growth of one microbial population alongside other populations, opening up new avenues for dynamic, cutting-edge research.


observe and study individual microbial populations in real-time

porous barrier physically isolates populations while maintaining fluidic contact

multiplexed plate accommodates 18 duets

physically accessible wells enable population sampling during or after experiment

compatible with other automation systems


easily run comprehensive microbial interaction studies

save valuable time and resources with this ready-to-use, off-the-shelf solution

scale experiments more easily with automation compatibility

improved collaboration through standardized co-culture set-up an analysis platform