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Winner: Andrew Cameron, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Regina, SK Canada

Co-Culture Champion

Bacterial Interactions: Understanding Rupture and Consumption

Dr. Cameron’s research explores how bacterial toxins rupture neighboring cells to release active enzymes that support cross-feeding by other species, addressing ecological and systems biology questions. His team will use Cerillo’s Co-Culture system to aid in species enumeration and transcriptome analysis for mixed cultures, especially interactions involving small molecules.

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How he will use Cerillo's Co-Culture Research Platform

As you know, microbiome co-culture studies are complicated and challenging. Microbiologists are experts at isolating pure cultures, but the world of co-culture is exceedingly complex: and exciting for us as we have discovered completely unanticipated emergent properties of communities. Being able to have pure culture of interacting species would greatly enhance our ability to track specific species and the metabolic and genetic activities of specific (select) species.

The Cerillo platform would facilitate our current quantification of interactions between select species and strains, but equally exciting the platform would allow us to inoculate one chamber with complex samples (fecal, water, soil) separated from a toxin-producer (or metabolite of interest) and identify which species are selected from the natural sample.