Cape Town Group Shot (2)

Jo-Ann Passmore Ph.D. & Brian Kullin, Ph.D., University of Cape Town, SA (Women's Health)

Elevating Women's Health: Tackling the Prevailing Challenge of Bacterial
Vaginosis in Africa

Ross Whetstone, Ph.D. Student, University of Massachusetts, Boston (Amphibian Health)

Defending Amphibians: Revolutionizing Chytrid Fungi Therapies

Bryan Hsu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
(Gut Microbiome)

Unraveling Gut Secrets: The Role of Bacterial Viruses (Phages)

Evan Chrisler, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin, Madison (Gut Microbiome)

Gut Microbiome Interactions: Insights for Optimal Probiotic Use

Jasira Patel, Ph.D. Student, De Montfort University, UK (Respiratory Microbiome)

Exploring Lung Health: Unraveling NTHi vs. Corynebacterium spp in the Respiratory Microbiome