Canopy Wireless Accessory Package

Now you can livestream your microbial growth curves even from small, restrictive environments.

Introducing our Canopy wireless accessory package for real-time monitoring of all your experiments.

You've already experienced the benefits of using our go-anywhere microplate readers and our intuitive Labrador software analytics. Now you can experience unprecedented freedom in your experimentation through wireless monitoring. Our wireless accessory package enables real-time data visualization and monitoring and provides you with wireless control of your microplate reader(s) saving you valuable hands-on time.

We Grant Researchers Unprecedented Freedom In Their Work

Freedom to monitor and adjust your experiments in real-time, allowing you to avoid stops-and-starts of manual manipulation.


Freedom to expand the scale of your experiments by connecting multiple plate readers to our analytics platform.

Freedom to roam & access your data without physical contact with your plate reader and manual memory cards

Freedom to analyze your findings your way with intuitive software that offers multiple ways to view and share your data.

The Cerillo Wireless Premium Platform in action

Microplate Reader

continuously monitor measurements from small spaces and restrictive environments.

Canopy Wireless Device

Breakdown barriers with wireless plate reader monitoring

Labrador Software

Unlock the power of your data with real-time visualization, controls & analytics