Bioprocessing Solutions

The Research Platform that Builds Confidence in Bioprocessing Scale-Up

Cerillo's research platform accelerates the entire bioprocessing workflow, enhancing every step from strain selection to product purification. By streamlining processes and boosting efficiency, it optimizes scale-up, effectively mitigates risks, and ensures a seamless transition from lab-scale to commercial production.

Scale Up With Confidence

The bioprocessing industry must constantly innovate and optimize production. Scaling up for commercial production is complex and requires robust risk mitigation. Cerillo's advanced research tools streamline this process, ensuring a seamless transition from lab-scale to commercial production. Our platform enhances upstream bioprocessing by efficiently screening and selecting promising strains and supports downstream bioprocessing with precise absorbance measurements for high product yields, improving the entire workflow from strain selection to product purification.

  • Identify your best growers and producers
  • Simulate large-scale processes
  • Identify critical scale-up parameters
  • Manage risk assessment and mitigation planning

Targeted Solutions for Bioprocessing Applications

Strain Selection:

Efficiently screen and compare multiple strains to identify the most promising candidates for further development, accelerating the strain optimization process and improving overall research efficiency

Cell Culture and Fermentation Optimization:

Achieve high cell densities and product yields by analyzing samples from bioreactors with precision and accuracy. Address challenges such as cell line variability, oxygen transfer limitations, and nutrient supply to ensure optimal bioprocessing conditions.

Process Monitoring and Control:

Maintain optimal process conditions throughout bioproduction by effectively monitoring cell growth and viability using real-time optical density measurements.

Contamination Control

Establish baseline growth profiles and quickly identify deviations that may indicate the presence of microorganisms, viruses, or other contaminants in cell cultures. 

Our Compact, Modular Research Platform Delivers
Big Benefits At The Bench

Go-Anywhere, Measure Everywhere Microplate Readers

Our absorbance microplate readers are 10x smaller than traditional plate readers enabling research on small modular benchtops and in restrictive environments like anaerobic chambers and incubators.

Intuitive Analytic Software for Growth Curve and Endpoint Measurements

Cerillo’s wireless SaaS package empowers researchers to monitor growth curves in real-time, offering instant insights and remote control of your experiments. Easily scalable for high-throughput.

Simplify Co-Culture in a Single Plate – No More Custom-Built Complexities

Our multiplexed plate enables the observation, study, and growth measurement of individual microbial populations alongside others. Standardized and ready for research right out-of-the box.


How does Cerillo help identify the best growers and producers?

Cerillo’s platform enables efficient screening and comparison of multiple strains, allowing researchers to identify the most promising candidates for further development. Criteria may include growth rate, productivity, product quality, and other relevant factors specific to the desired outcome of the bioprocessing project.

Can Cerillo simulate large-scale bioprocessing processes?

Yes, Cerillo’s platform includes tools for simulating large-scale processes, providing researchers with insights into how their bioprocessing methods will perform on a larger scale. Simulation allows researchers to optimize process parameters, identify potential challenges, and predict outcomes before scaling up to production, saving time and resources.

How does Cerillo help identify critical scale-up parameters?

Cerillo’s platform offers tools for analyzing data and identifying key factors that affect the scalability of bioprocessing methods, helping researchers prioritize parameters for further study. Identifying critical parameters ensures that researchers focus their efforts on factors that have the greatest impact on the success of scaling up bioprocessing methods, reducing the risk of failure during production.

How does Cerillo support risk assessment and mitigation planning?

Cerillo’s platform includes tools for analyzing data, identifying potential risks, and developing mitigation strategies to address them, helping researchers minimize the likelihood of problems during bioprocessing. Risks may include contamination, variability in raw materials, equipment failure, and regulatory compliance issues, among others. Cerillo’s platform helps researchers anticipate and mitigate these risks to ensure successful bioprocessing outcomes.

What level of technical support and training do you provide?

At Cerillo, we prioritize providing excellent customer support and training for our products. You can expect comprehensive technical assistance, including user manuals, video tutorials, and personalized training sessions to ensure you can maximize the reader’s capabilities and make the most out of your bioprocessing production.