The Cerillo Stratus adapter is precision-manufactured out of a high-quality, durable material designed to stand up to rigorous use in the lab. It allows a Stratus be secured to a universal shaker plate via screws, and also features high-friction silicone strips and powerful neodymium magnets. The adapter features a plate-size extrusion allowing it to fit securely to small shakers designed for a microplate.

Product Description

The adapter is designed for use with orbital shakers, microplate shakers, and shaking incubators. Unique attachment method allows for either magnetic attachment, screw attachment, or via silicone rubber footing on rubber mats. The adapter is reusable.

Material: Thermoset Epoxy Resin

Screws: #10-24 × 5/8” (15.875 mm) flat Philips head for aluminum, captive mounting screws

Ratings up to 500 RPM, actual max shaking speed is dependent on orbital shaker.

Item Weight: 125 g (4.5 oz)

Item Dimensions: 154 mm x 129 mm x 34 mm

Available in Grey